Saturday, September 3, 2011

Who and What is the Final Cosplay Corps?

Final Cosplay Corps (FCC) is a group of extremely dedicated and passionate group of cosplayers who avidly attend anime conventions around the country. The group is made up of a great bunch of people who love to create impressive works of cosplay. However, the members of FCC are just as dedicated in trying to help other cosplayers reach their highest potential as well. Everyone involved with FCC started from the bottom and worked to achieve the workmanship they have now. Contrary to many elitist cosplayers, the cosplayers in FCC take pride in helping other fellow cosplayers learn how to improve their skills. They understand that everyone needs to start somewhere and love to help others grow and learn more.

FCC started unofficially after Chris Farabaugh (Millions_Knives) went to his first anime convention and decided to work on large cosplays after that. Since these cosplays often required the help of multiple handlers, Chris and his friends often worked together to make sure that he could get around conventions without risking other people’s safety. The group officially formed at Anime Central in 2008 and was finally titled Final Cosplay Corps at the C3 Picnic in 2008.

Knives often looks for people with a variety of skill sets to join the group. Also, he respects all cosplayers that do their craft well, even if their craft utilizes materials he personally prefers not to use. He is trying to gather people with various developed skills to join FCC so that the group can help each other and others.

Currently FCC is broken up into three divisions, Core Members, Ninjas, and the Tactical Squad.

The core members are the members who specialize in cosplay construction.
Chris Farabaugh: millions_knives: Specialization in Prop Constuction
Seneca Farmer: This_chick 25: Specialization in Sewing
Amanda Saleski: haku_hei: Specialization in 2-D Design
Eric Kubicek: spazchan: Specialization in Steampunk
Bret Luitze: Akiba64: Specialization in Cardboard Prop Construction

Ninjas are members who choose not to cosplay or help with construction but help the group with other things.
Blake Williams: djeclectic: Ninja of Automobiles and Music
Trent Wexler: rawkz0rz: Ninja of Visual Effects and Media
Kim Jarvis: gadgets: Ninja of Tranportation
Jon Norman: xenoblade: Ninja of Heavy Lifting
Savannah Watkins: sweet_sunshine: Ninja of being a Chibi (Real Designation TBD)

Members of the Tactical Squad handle matters online, whether it be video promotion, blog posts, and all that fun jazz.
Sirin Avci: Fullmetal_C: To Be Announced
Nicholas Pollitt: Kasin: To be Announced
Kasey Zhong: Kasemei: Tactical Supervisor of the Facebook and Blog Posts

Have any questions for us? Please feel free to contact us via the Youtube page or here! 

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